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Why JETA Games?

Best Graphics

Our Games are built with high quality graphics, images, assets and game sprites. We use industry leading designing softwares to design our games, ,ike Adobe Ai, CC, PS etc.

Free To Play

Freedom is for everyone so do we believe in. Our all games are completely Free to download & Play. We do not charge anything to our players. Just Download & Play endlessly.

Regular Updates

We at Jeta Games provide regular updates to our games no matter what. We keep our game bug free & we believe in providing the top notch playing experience while playing our games.

Error Free Code

Our Code is 99% Error Free. Our Dev team tests the game to fix the bugs & errors. The 1% stands for any unexpected errors that may pop for some users. Still Human error happens.

Amazing Music

We develop our music in House. You will find amazing addictive music for all of our games that we publish on app stores. Download our games to enjoy the music.

Player Satisfaction

We at Jeta Games take player satisfaction seriously. We hear to all the reviews on apps stores & we try to update our games suiting the player requirements.

Social Box

With Social Box you can have multiple social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube) in one place! A 3D CUBE! You can open simultaneously Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube! Simply swipe to access the next! It can only be this simple!

No more exiting out, closing out, or swapping out!  Keep all of your favorite Social Media programs in the same exact spot while switching between with a simple swipe!  Join the bunches and get on bored to make your life that much simpler!  See you on the BOX!

Tennis Tour 2K20

 This is the ultimate tennis game for finatics or anyone who just loves to play any sport and be competitive!  Make your way through all the tournaments becoming champion of each while earning new characters that you love from now until forever!  There are dozens of characters and features to earn throughout your progression to the top! Lace up your shoes and pick up your racket see you on the court!  Good luck!

Jump My Box

Brand new addicting game for all ages. Jump My Box to beat your friends and challenge even more to advance! Wait for special updates for opportunities to win prizes! Earn enough points to unlock new characters!

Pixel Adventure

Welcome to Pixel Adventure where anything is possible! Make your way through the lands and reward yourself with new characters to help your adventure!  Unstoppable forces are after you and levels get tougher and tougher!  Earn your points and purchase your new characters!

Bubbles Break

Try and help Bubbles make his way through the Magic Forest to save all of his buddies! Break the bubbles and free them of their captors! Match three and they are free!  Hours of fun and play time for all ages!

Monkey Prince

Get ready for a jungle adventure with the Monkey Prince!  Different power ups!  Different Levels and enemies along the way!  Great graphics!  It is a wonderful game for all and different from any of the others that are out there!  Check it out!

Paint the House

Paint the House is a fun and time-based game. Paint the house as fast as you can!

Bubble Color Blast

Bubble Color Blast is a brand new Bubble Frenzy Game for all ages with multiple levels and a wonderful game board. Make your way through the Bubble World as you face new challenges each and every stage!

Smiles Run Wild

Smiles Run Wild is a BRAND NEW way to spend your free time with this SIMPLE yet ADDICTIVE app for ALL to PLAY! Tap as many Smiles as you can to win BIG. Get your THREE STAR SCORE and be the GREATEST! Just follow the on screen instructions and NO ONE CAN CHASE YOU!

"Jeta Games is Amazing the games are worth Playing."

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